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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

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Lesson Plans (4)

Algaculture and Biofuel

Students will use the scientific method to learn about the growth properties of algae and how algae production may be a possible solution to address the global energy crisis. Students will utilize the engineering design process to apply their knowledge about algae growth to create a bioreactor for algae production and discover if biofuel can be made from algae. Grades 9-12

Energy and Biofuels

Through a series of activities, students explore fermentation and ethanol production, observe the role of enzymes in fermentation, analyze nutrient values of dent corn, and discover how biofuels are made from plant oils. Grades 9-12

Energy and the Commodity Trace-back

In this lesson students will describe the domestic food supply chain and identify the use and types of energy involved in the growth, harvest, processing, transportation, and marketing of an agricultural commodity. Grades 9-12

Pig Power: Creating Biogas and Renewable Energy

After exploring the science of energy and energy conversion, students will evaluate some environmental impacts of hog farming and explore technologies that minimize negative human impact by creating biogas energy from animal waste. Grades 9-12

Companion Resources (4)

Lab Investigation: Biodiesel
In this laboratory students will determine the amount of energy released from biodiesel compared to other energy sources.
Tootsie Roll Conversation About Conservation Terms
In our efforts to protect the environment we sometimes confuse the terms preserve and conserve. This activity is designed to help students understand the difference between conservation, preservation, and indiscriminate use.
Farming for Energy e-magazine
A 5-page interactive magazine to help students study the science of energy and energy conversion. What is energy? Where can we collect energy and how? Can farms produce energy? What is biomass energy? These questions and more are answered.
Renewable vs Nonrenewable vs Inexhaustible Resources e-magazine
An interactive digital e-magazine describing the differences between renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible resources.