College & Career Awareness Center

College & Career Awareness Center

Welcome to Utah Agriculture in the Classroom's College & Career Awareness Center! Here you will find all the resources you need to teach the agricultural portion of this seventh grade core requirement with engaging, hands-on lesson plans and activities.

College & Career Awareness: Problem-based Learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional strategy that has been adapted into Utah’s College and Career Awareness (CCA) curriculum. During PBL instruction, students work together to create solutions to a problem based on real-world issues or situations. The steps involved in problem-based learning include identifying the problem, gathering information, determining a solution, evaluating and reviewing the solution, and presenting the final solution. For more information and resources on PBL instruction, visit the CCA PBL webpage.

Listed below are agriculture, food, and nutrition PBL Lessons designed specifically for Utah seventh graders:

College & Career Awareness: 7th Grade Lessons

Designed specifically for Utah seventh graders, this collection of agricultural lessons covers topics including agricultural careers, contemporary agricultural technologies, genetics, food science, natural resources use, and agricultural business.

Each of these lessons is approved by the Utah State Board of Education. Students participate in activity-centered lessons to utilize technology, develop foundational skills, and explore careers by expanding awareness. The same agricultural lessons are also located on the Utah State Board of Education website.

The suggested sequence for these lesson follows.

Early (any ordrer):
End (any ordrer):

Recommended Resources for College & Career Awareness Lessons

Career Trek Game Boards

Career Trek Game Boards Grade 7 (Laminated Game Boards)
The Career Trek Game is an interactive game for up to four players. The object of the game is for students to be able to name 10 careers in agriculture and natural resources.
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Food and Farm Facts

Food and Farm Facts Grades 4-12 (Booklet)
Food and Farm Facts is a colorful 32-page booklet with realistic illustrations of farmers, consumers, livestock, and crops.
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Living Science Career Cards

Living Science Career Cards Grades 7-12 (Cards)
This poster series features 50 science careers associated with our nation's food, agricultural, and natural resource system.
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Living Science Careers Equipment Bags

Living Science Careers Equipment Bags Grades 7-12 (Cards)
This is a great resource to help your students better understand the exciting and diverse array of STEM employment opportunities in food, agriculture, and natural resources.
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Planet Zorcon

Planet Zorcon Grades 4-8 (Kit)
This interactive group activity will help your students understand the limited resources available for consumption on earth.
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Science in Your Shopping Cart

Science in Your Shopping Cart Grades 6-12 (DVD 14 min. & Booklet)
Each year, dozens of improved products and new varieties of fruits, nuts, and vegetables emerge from the laboratories and greenhouses of the Agricultural Research Service and show up in your local grocery store. Learn about ARS research affecting your food in this DVD and booklet.
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Seed Samples

Seed Samples Grade K-12 (Seeds only)
This kit contains a variety of agronomic (crop) seeds. Seed varieties include, wheat, quinoa, corn, and rice seeds.
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Serious Cereal Science

Serious Cereal Science Grades 7-9 (Kit)
Just as grains were foundational in the advent of agriculture thousands of years ago, they continue to play a central role in agriculture and food security today. The science of cereal science is serious business!
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Strawberry DNA Necklace

Strawberry DNA Necklace Grades 7-9 (Kit)
Is there DNA in my food? Absolutely! Use this kit to extract strands of DNA from strawberries. Participating in the extraction of DNA will help familiarize students with one aspect of the work of biotechnologists.
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Strawberry DNA Necklace Refill

Strawberry DNA Necklace Refill Grades 7-9 (Kit)
Refill your Strawberry DNA Necklace kit.
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What is Agriculture?

What is Agriculture? Grades 2-9 (Poster)
How would you define agriculture? Not with Merriam-Webster's Dictionary; that's too complex.
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