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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

Companion Resource


All About Corn: e-learning modules for educators and students

This website includes a series of interactive online modules with nearly five hours of programming on everything about corn, targeted to high school students.

Time to Complete
30 minutes per module (11 modules total)
  • A computer with an updated version of Flash Player.

Choose from the following lessons:

  • Corn Uses – types of corn; how corn is utilized for feed, food, fuel, and other uses
  • Corn Production – cropping systems; crop adaptation; how farmers select hybrids, plant and harvest corn, and manage pests
  • Corn Breeding – corn origins, Native American breeding, corn hybrid innovation, modern techniques including traditional and transgenic breeding
  • Biology of Corn – parts of the corn plant, growth and development, taxonomy
University of Minnesota

Individual credits are listed on each slide within each module.

Lessons Associated with this Resource