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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom

Changes and Challenges Activity

The Cox and Gossner Family Histories

Students explore the history of two families that helped develop Utah’s agricultural industry through the Interagtion section of the Changes & Challenges multimedia presentation.

Time to Complete

45 minutes



  1. View slides 1-4 of the Cox Story from the Changes & Challenges multimedia program, which can be found by clicking on the "Agtion" button at the bottom of old time radio.
  2. With your students, review the questions asked and visit the recommended links. If you have access to a computer lab with internet, you may prefer to have the students view the story section "The Cox Family" slides individually or in pairs.
  3. The Cox family history covers the first part of the 20th century (1910-1950). For comparison, and to put Utah history in perspective, ask students to view (or show to the entire class with a projector) the history of the Gossner family of Cache Valley. This family began working in Utah agriculture during the second part of the 20th century (1948-present). The written narratives of the Cox and Gossner family stories are provided along with the activity sheet in the link provided below.
  4. Students should be able to complete the Two 20th Century Agricultural Families activity sheet (a few selected slide questions are asked here again) and determine the historical events that affected each family (this will help to assess their knowledge about Utah chronological historical events) and the similar events each family encountered.
  5. Optional: Offer students a taste of Gossner brand cheese. Gossner cheese is made from the milk of Cache Valley cows and processed in Logan. If you are not able to find Gossner cheese in your local store, contact Utah Agriculture in the Classroom.

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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom