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Grade 7
    Career & Technical Education
        Agricultural Career Concept Mapping (CTE-BUS)
        Agricultural Career Investigation
        Alternative Fuels: Biodiesel
        Alternative Fuels: Debate Game
        Alternative Fuels: What Car Will You Drive?
        Apple Science
        Blue's the Clue: Souring Milk for Science (CTE-FACS)
        Buying and Selling: Getting Cherries into a Pie (CTE-BUS)
        Career Trek (CTE-TECH)
        Clothes on the Grow
        DNA — Expressions in Agriculture (CTE-FACS)
        Eating Out and Eating In — Go Lean With Protein
        Exploring Living Science Careers (CTE-TECH)
        Farming: It's a Fact! (CTE-BUS)
        Food Systems Feed the World
        From Milk to Cheese & Seed to Shelf (CTE-FACS)
        Get Your Calcium-Rich Foods
        Getting the Most Nutrition from Your Food
        Grow it Now, Drive it Later? (CTE-TECH/FACS)
        High-Tech Food: Science in Your Shopping Cart (CTE-FACS)
        How Much Is Dirt Worth?
        Label Language
        Marketing Food
        Peanut Butter Broccoli
        Planet Zorcon
        Source Search (Grades 7-9, CTE-FACS)
        Space Age Technology Comes to Earth (CTE-TECH)
        Step by Step
        Supply and Demand: What If? (CTE-BUS)
        The Business of Agriculture (CTE-BUS)
        The Quicker the Better? Food Processing
        Understanding MyPlate
        Venn is Lunch?
        What is Biotechnology?
        What's on MyPlate?
        What's Your Agricultural Experience? (CTE-TECH)
        Where Does It Come From?
        Bean Classification
        Classified: Crop Case Files
        DNA — Expressions in Agriculture (CTE-FACS)
        Flower Power
        Garden Genetics - Corn: Domestication: Evolving Toward Home
        Garden Genetics - Corn: Genetic Engineering
        Garden Genetics - Corn: Sweet Genes in Corn
        Garden Genetics - Corn: The Risks of Improvement: Genetic Uniformity & an Epidemic
        Garden Genetics - Cucumbers: “It Skips a Generation:” Traits, Genes and Crosses
        Garden Genetics - Cucumbers: Bitterness and Non-Bitterness in Cucumbers: A Story of Mutation
        Garden Genetics - Cucumbers: Survival Strategies
        Garden Genetics - Tomatoes: Centers of Diversity
        Garden Genetics - Tomatoes: Quantitative Traits
        High-Tech Food: Science in Your Shopping Cart (CTE-FACS)
        Living Corn Necklace
        Peanut Butter Broccoli
        Sheep See, Sheep Do?
        Specialized Structures and Environments
        What is Biotechnology?
    Social Studies
        At Home on the Range
        Changes and Challenges (1840s-1880s): Era of Self-Sufficiency
        Changes and Challenges (1890s): Utah Becomes a State
        Changes and Challenges (1900s): Boom Time for Agriculture
        Changes and Challenges (1910s): The Boom Continues
        Changes and Challenges (1920s-1930s): Agricultural Hard Times & The Great Depression
        Changes and Challenges (1940s): World War II & Revival
        Changes and Challenges (1950s): Mechanization & Science
        Changes and Challenges (1960s-1970s): Expansion & Prosperity, Big Farms, Big Government
        Changes and Challenges (1980s): Where in the World is Utah Wheat?
        Changes and Challenges (1990s): Products of Utah Travel Worldwide!
        Changes and Challenges (2000s): Recession & Expansion - Into the New Millennium
        Changes and Challenges (Activity): The Cox and Gossner Family Histories
        Google Earth on the Range
        Horse and Rider: The Pony Express in Utah
        Riding On A Railroad
        Utah's Harvest
        Utah's Own