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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom

Teacher Award

State & National Teacher Award 2002

Peggy Wittwer

South Elementary School, Cedar City, Utah
4th grade
Peggy Wittwer

Ms. Peggy Wittwer was inspired by Agriculture in the Classroom to create a summer science camp which focused on environmental issues and agriculture. Ms. Wittwer received a grant to organize and present programs for the week-long workshop. The camp helped introduce local students to the basics of soil, forestry, water science, entomology, agriculture and other natural resource concepts. She is to be commended for the diversity of activities, integration of agriculture into required subject areas, and meeting state standards. Farther, she promoted several Agriculture in the Classroom workshops in her district. Because of her efforts more than half of the teachers in her district have received AITC-Food, Land & People in-service training. Peggy's initiative has helped Utah AITC program flourish in the southern part of the state where there is definitely a need for students to understand agricultural and environmental science.