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Utah Agriculture in the Classroom

Soil Center

Welcome to Utah Agriculture in the Classroom's Soil Center! Here you will find all the resources you need to teach core curriculum with engaging, hands-on lesson plans and activities.

Dirt: Secrets in the Soil - Fourth Grade Soils Lesson Collection

Designed specifically for Utah fourth-grade students, this collection of soil science lessons covers topics like soil texturing, living and nonliving components of soil, erosion, and more. Each lesson includes hands-on activities that are sure to keep students entertained and motivated. Create your own "Dirt Binder" by printing each of the files below and placing them in a large three-ring binder with tabs to mark each of the lessons.

These lessons accompany a six-segment video program, which is available for purchase or free viewing on YouTube.

Opening Pages

It's Your Food, Dude!

Soil Isn't a Dirty Word

The Dust Bowl Is Not Played on New Year's Day

Slip Slidin' Away

Hitting Pay Dirt

Healthy Food from Healthy Soil

Dirt: Secrets in the Soil Video Review Questions

Additional Fourth Grade Soils Lessons

First Grade Soils Lessons

The following lesson plans are designed or can be adapted for use in the first grade classroom.