Hatching Science Workshop

Resource Packet
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Teacher Resource Center
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Where Does Ag Fit in the State Core
Poultry Fact Sheet
FAQ Hatching Science Wiki

Explanation of the Hatching Process and Equipment
Hatching and Brooding Chicks in the Classroom
Preparing and Operating the Incubator
      Ordering and Transporting Eggs
      Brooding Chicks
      Chick Midwifery
      Assessing Chick Health (Deformities, Hatch Rate, Death)
      How It's Made - Hatchery Chicks
Egg Anatomy
      Parts of an Egg PowerPoint
      Air Transfer
      Charting Data
Hatching Science With Classroom Chicks
Countdown to Hatch
         - 21 Days of Discovery Movie and PowerPoint
         - Chick Embryo Development Video
         - Chick Hatching Time Lapse Video
      Life Cycles
         - Modern Marvels Egg Documentary
         - Parent/Offspring Cards
Inside the Egg, Hatching Chicks
Candling Eggs
         - Egg Candling Photos

Incubator Drawing!
For more information on how to make your own kit like the ones we gave away at the workshop, visit the Hatching Science Wiki.

Professional Development Options - Workshop Evaluations
Meet USU course requirements with embryology projects - Online Course Syllabus

Wrap up, Questions and Distribution of Materials