Chick Embryology

Buying Fertile Chicken Eggs

Utah Agriculture in the Classroom has partnered with Thanksgiving Point to provide fertile eggs for classroom hatching projects.

Fertile chicken eggs are available for incubating in your classroom on Mondays, March through May. Order and pay for the eggs online through Utah Agriculture in the Classroom. Eggs must be picked up at the Thanksgiving Point Farm Education Center [map], Lehi, Utah, on the Monday noted on the order page.

Chicken eggs are incubated for a total of 21 days; you will pick them up when they are 18 days old, meaning they will hatch in three days. They do not need to be turned during this time. Please be prepared to transport the eggs. We recommend that you take a cooler with a blanket inside to keep the eggs safe and warm.

The eggs are $3.00 each; be sure to note the quantity you would like when ordering. No refunds on fertile eggs.

Order eggs for Spring 2017!

Buy a New Incubator
Buying an incubator is like buying a car—there are numerous models, sizes, and price ranges from which to choose! It is important to consider the features of each incubator and choose the model which best fits your classroom needs. A thorough online search will provide a range of prices.

The following sites sell quality incubators:

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Thank you IFA for supporting this Agriculture in the Classroom Program!