The Food, Land & People On-site Workshop (3-16 hours) can be customized to meet the professional development needs of elementary and secondary educators. Life science (STEM), social studies, and nutrition are major content themes that may be integrated into workshops specifically designed to emphasize one or more of the following: school gardening (indoors and outdoors), soils, plant science, heredity, microorganisms, Utah studies, geography, world civilizations, U.S. history, and CTE Introduction. Participants will participate in experiential learning with authentic learning activities that can be used to engage students in the core curriculum. 

To setup a workshop in your school or district contact Lynn Wallin. Workshops for 12 or more teachers are free. A certificate will be provided upon request for licensure points. Teachers that are interested in USOE or USU credit should consider enrolling in the Food, Land & People Online Course.

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