Explore Utah from space to this is the place! Interact with Utah's geography, landforms, and associated natural resources using differentiated instruction and social studies core content. Get ready to use primary sources and experience hands-on science land and water activities.

Utah Our Home – Fourth Grade Utah Studies textbook

Using AITC resources and professional development opportunities: http://utah.agclassroom.org
Checking My Ag Facts

     Checking My Ag Facts (Answers)

Utah's Land (p. 11) Project Wet

Utah Land Ownership Map
What Land Works Best (Lesson Plan)
Utah Agriculture Activity Map

Utah Water (pp. 16-17, 55)

History of Utah Water
Water Cycle Relay (Lesson Plan)
Water Supply (Lesson Plan)
Water Use in Utah
Utah Watersheds (use coordinates in Google Earth)
    Utah Watershed Basins
    Utah Water Storage (Lake and Reservoirs by County)
    Dams in Utah (Latitude and Long.com, an alphabetical listing)

Being Self-Sufficient (p. 181) Utah Studies Overview

Cotton in Utah's Dixie (Cotton Bolls & Cotton From Field to Fabric)
Pioneer Days and A Pioneer Sampler
Utah Native Bee's in the Beehive State

Utah Weather (p. 23-25)

Utah Weather (Lesson)
Rain On (Lesson)
Weather Harvest Game

Utah's Land – Rocks, Minerals and Soils (pp. 42-43) – Soil Painting (Lesson Plan)

What is agriculture? (p. 64)

My Farm Web (Lesson Plan)
World without Farmers - One Hungry Planet – Movie

People Use and Change the Land, (p. 75) Technology

Threshing wheat, (order wheat kit and wheat bundle) review Little Red Hen
The Wheat Doll (Book)
Workings of a modern combine movie

Many Points of View (p. 80)

Utah's Public Land and Water Rights
    How Much Is Dirt Worth? (Lesson Plan)
    The Apple as the Earth Demo Animation – Flash Movie
    Keeping Soil in its Place – Splash Zone
Utah's Land Preservation Challenges (farms, sprawl, and food)

Native Americans Growing Their Own Food (p.117)

In the Three Sisters' GardenThree Sisters' Seeds

Being Self-Sufficient (p. 181) Utah Studies Overview

Cotton in Utah's Dixie (Cotton Bolls & Cotton From Field to Fabric)

From Territory to State (p. 214-228)

Horse and Rider: The Pony Express in Utah, Google Earth
Making a Brand for Ourselves the "Cowboy" Way
Textiles, Hands-on with Wool, Wool Samples (kit) and Spinning Wool (kit)
Wool Books and DVDs: A New Coat for Anna (book), Sheep – Utah's Agricultural Cornerstone (DVD), Wool Ewe Keep Me Warm? (DVD)

Economics (p. 226, 305, 309)

Changes and Challenges: A Century of Utah Agriculture(Instructional Unit)
Depression & Dust Bowl
    Dark Days, (Books: The Journal of C.J. Jackson, Dust Bowl Migrant, Survival in the Storm,
    The Dust Bowl: an Interactive History Adventure, Out of the Dust
    Caring for the Land (Lesson Plan), Diary of a Worm (book)
    Dirt: Secrets in the Soil (DVD) and Dust Bowl: Granstville, Utah
    Measuring Up! Build a Barn and Barn (book)
What if? (Supply and Demand – Lesson Plan)
Capital for Cookies (Lesson Plan)

Globalization and Trade (Selected slides from Farming it's a Fact)

Utah Agricultural Statistics
Utah's Own WebQuest – Producers and Consumers


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