Granite Teaching American History 2013

Environmental & Economic History of the United States: Growing a Nation

How do you know what to teach? Core curriculum standards? National Standards? Textbooks? How do you know what is important to teach? Who says? What is an essential question or and enduring understanding?  What does it mean to contextualize your instruction?

Geography and Agriculture: Feeding the World (PowerPoint)
   Time Photos: Hungry Planet I
   Time Photos: Hungry Planet II
   Time Photos: Hungry Planet III
Source Search
A World Without Farmers - One Hungry Planet
Farming It's a Fact (PowerPoint)
Supply and Demand: What if?
Trading Favorites

Resource Packet
Teacher Resource Center
Food, Land & People Online Credit Course
Essential Nines Summary
United States Map
Elementary Newsletter – Bee Line
Secondary Newsletter – AgroWorld
Farm Facts 

Geography & World Civilizations

Planet Zorcon
Beach Ball Issues
Fabric Maps with crop samples and Old World New World Foods
World Civilization PowerPoint & Guns Germs and Steel (YouTube Movies)
Food Timeline (on the web at
Earth City
The Apple as the Earth Animation
The Development of Water-Culture
Water Supply
Water Resources

U.S.Natural Resources the History of Environment and Economics

Dipity Timeline
A Journey Down the Colorado River
Growing A Nation
   - King Cotton
   - Making a Brand for Ourselves the "Cowboy" Way
   - At Home on the Range and Ranch Starter Kit
   - Horse and Rider: The Pony Express in Utah, Google Earth
   - Homestead Act (Homestead National Monument & BLM General Land Office Records)
   - Frontier House (Website) (DVD) (YouTube Episodes)
   - U.S. Land Ownership Map
   - Soil Map Revisited
        - The Twelve Soil Orders
Growing a Nation (1930-1949): From Defeat to Victory - History Playlist
From Boom to Dust
The Great Fence Crisis - Barbed Wire
Google Earth on the Range
America the Bountiful
Where Does It Come From?
Corn An A-mazing Plant
Farmer George: The Seeds of a Presidency