Contextualizing and Integrating STEM within Core Curriculum:

STEM, Inquiry, Authentic Learning, Prior Knowledge, Hands-On Lessons, Research-based, Experiential, PBL, PLN, strategies, anthropomorphism, and other Education Jargon!

So What?

Going Deep: STEM in the Connected Classroom

Resource Packet
Where does Ag fit in the State Core
Teacher Resource Center
Food, Land & People
Online Course
United States Map
Utah Map
National Resource Directory Suggested Books
Utah Agriculture Activity Map
Bee-line Newsletter
MyPlate Tear Pad
Essential Nine Teaching Strategies
Teaching and Learning Strategies
Assessment Techniques
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Big Picture Group Activities
Source Search
Circling the Seasons
Who Grew My Soup

Grade Level Team Time: Making Grade Level Integrations between STEM and LA

Goal for the day: Preparing integrated units for STEM and the Language Arts Common Core using research-based teaching strategies - PPT

Kindergarten: Seasons and Observations of STEM & Core Content
(Apples, Up...Apple Picking time, Seasons  Big Books)

First Grade: Lifecycles, Plants & Animals
(Books: Chick Life Cycles & From Seed to Pumpkin)

Second Grade: Seeds that Feed, Plant Parts and Plant Growth (A Seed is Sleepy, Tops & Bottoms)

Third Grade: Living, Nonliving (How Many Seeds in Pumpkin, The Pumpkin Book)

Fourth Grade: Weather and Soil (Jump into Science: Dirt, Soil! Get the Inside Scoop)

Fifth Grade: (In the Garden with George Washington Carver, First Peas to the Table)

Group Debriefing

Wrap-up Questions and Freebies!