School Gardens

Considering a garden (indoors or outdoors) at your school? Kids Gardening  is the best resource on the web for learning more about school gardens—indoors or outdoors—and garden grant opportunities, but here are some resources to get you started from the ground up!

Getting Started
   > Gardening Year-Round in the Classroom
   > School Gardens: From Humble to Opulent (PowerPoint, dare to dream!)
   > Utah Garden-based Lesson Plans
   > Utah Garden Planner
   > Garden Gallery

Curriculum Resources
   > Garden Instructional Units

Soil & Planting Activities & Resources
   > Dirt: Secrets in the Soil (video and instructional unit)
   > USU Soil Sampling   
   > Sprouting Success - in a Jar
   > Starting Seeds Indoors
   > Guide to Container Gardening
   > Simple Salad-Garden Containers
   > Vegetables and Herbs Book (Utah State University Extension)
   > Square Foot Gardening
   > Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids! (an excellent compilation of resources for all types of classroom gardens)

Light Source Options for indoor gardening
   > SpaceLite (Kit)
   > GrowLite Lab (Utah State University Plan)
   > Micro Farm (Build your own indoor garden wagon)
   > Low-cost Grow Light Frame Plans (Cornell University Plan) 
   > Indoor Grow Lighting (Light system packages)
   > GrowLab Light Gardens (KidsGardening package)