Suggested Stations and Presenter Resources

In the table below you will find a list of suggested stations, commodity contacts, and some suggested presenter resources. If a station you are doing is not listed on the table and you need help finding some resources, please contact Sierra Nelson, the AITC Education Specialist. Additionally you can check our Crop and Livestock Cards, AITC Build A Barn, AITC Tractor, or the AITC Field Guide Activities

Station Commodity Contact Presenter Resources


Call Kevin Cook with the Utah Beekeepers Association. 801-623-0230. Honey Bee Study Prints
Sheep The Wool Growers have a traveling trailer that is available for this if you book them early! Contact Tonia. Wool Spinning Kit, Wool Refill Kit, Sheep Card Students will enjoy wool spinning and watch someone shear a sheep or have the sheep dogs work.
Beef The beef council sends a representative to give out pencils and talk about ZIP (zinc, iron, protein) at their station. Contact Brent Tanner, 801-355-5748. Beef Cattle Card,
Dairy Usually the Dairy Ambassadors are available. Contact Mark Gibbons with the Utah Diary Farmers Association,  435-258-2854.
Dairy Cattle Card At the Sevier County FFD they actually have a fake cow to milk and they let a couple kids milk a real cow.
Safety Contact the Farm Bureau’s Vice President of Farm Safety, A.J. Ferguson, 801-233-3006. Utah Farm Bureau Safety Website
Nutrition Contact Kristi Spence, the dietitian for the Utah Dairy Council or Jacob Schmidt, the dietitian for the Utah Beef Council.
Understanding My Plate lesson plan, Food Models Kit, MyPlate Activity Poster,
Seeds The Farm Field Day in Sanpete has a great station on seeds. Contact Cindy Yardley for more information.
Chickens The Utah County Farm Field Day does a great chicken station. Contact Belva Parr (the Farm Bureau State Women’s Chair) for more info. Poultry Card
Living Necklace Students love making and growing seed necklaces and we can send you supplies. . Corn Card, Living Necklace Kit You can plant almost any seed in the necklace. We usually do two types of corn or wheat and soybean
Hogs There is a pork trailer that travels around. Contact Allison Fiscus. Swine Card